Cen-Tel Secure (CTS) offers a fee for service security consultancy service which also encompasses audits and or Greenfield site assessments on a hourly rate basis which includes call out fee or a quoted consultative service agreement which is generated on a case by case basis. Hourly rate in $155.00 per hour. This includes a comprehensive written report relating to the site and recommendations for securing and improving site security from an electronic perspective. ROI measures can be drilled down into when further information is furnished by client relating to cost of staff on an hourly basis, stock loss ratio, numbers of staff, hours of business etc.


Project’s already in motion can be taken onboard and completed by CTS provided the parameters of completion are tabled in writing and full control of completion is given to CTS staff and contractors. Each job will need a full audit at the cost of the client which is paid to CTS prior to commencement. Fees in most cases are paid in advance or at agreed intervals normally no more than seven days maximum.


Equipment deployment/installation is also a service CTS offers and can be achieved in 2 ways:

  • Customers Purchases – CTS installs equipment client pre-purchased however liability of said equipment remains completely with client. CTS will not be held responsible for any malfunction on deployment of equipment regardless of condition of equipment.
  • Client Equipment Choice – CTS purchases equipment type requested by client and sells to the client at fair market price and covers the equipment from under the manufacturers liability warranty perspective hardware only, labour not included which includes site assessment of equipment. Equipment performances however is not part of the agreement for deployment in terms of liability and as such is entirely between client and manufacturer. Clients are advised beforehand to ensure they are aware of what they are buying and how it works. If we have not undertaken an audit then no recommendation can be provided as to equipment capability. As such CTS cannot be held responsible for equipment performance; we are however responsible for installing the equipment according to specification set out by manufacturer.


CTS will design a complete electronic solution including but not limited to Access Control, CCTV Solutions and Alarm intrusion detection and verification, this design is purchased from CTS at an agreed to price based on hourly rate. Minimum 4 hours. Details will include:

  • Exact equipment to use
  • Equipment capability
  • Expansion
  • Product outcomes given day and night environments


All equipment deployed by CTS are covered by manufacturers warranty and as such are covered under said equipment warranty. Unless otherwise stated all warranty work are return to base (RTB) will not include labour, transport or redeployment and testing.

Equipment not purchased from CTS will be serviced at current break and fix rates quoted at time of enquiry. Onsite fees apply, work carried out incurs a minimum 2 hour charge.