The 3 main core elements of Electronic Security are:

1. Closed circuit television systems, CCTV used for identification, intrusion verification, employee accountability etc.

2. Access Control (including electronic locking systems and intercoms).

3. And the good old fashioned Burglar Alarm with PIR’s and PE beams used for intrusion detection.

As we have stated these 3 elements have a stable of products & programs that boggle the mind. Individuals looking to purchase these products for the purpose of securing their properties private and public must literally have a degree in electronics to get a handle on the jargon and what each product can do.

There is no guarantee however, even if you had a degree, you would purchase the right products for your business or home. Product knowledge gained over years of working with good and bad manufacturers in the University of Hard Knocks is the only way to educate yourself on what works well with what and what does not.

What Do I need to Know?

This is what we offer in vast amounts. There are 4 key areas to resolve before knocking on your vendors door and you should not go shopping until you have them covered.

1. Security Audit. Know where you stand in the immediate sense, what do you want done? How does what you have now fall short of what you want done? Assessing your current position in relation to your requirement is the first step, this is best done in conjunction with a trained security consultant. Cen-Tel offers such a service.

2. Security budget, knowing what you want to achieve leads to how much you are willing to spend to prevent a law suit, protect it from damage or prevent losing it, averting injury or mitigating against wrongful action. Spending to much is wasteful but spending to little can also be very costly.

  • Example 1. If a $200.00 dollar system lets you down when you most need it, it is money wasted and it could cost you tens of thousands. The opportunity cost of not using a solution needs to be added into the mix.
  • Example 2. Lets say you had 10 employees working in a warehouse or manufacturing plant and you where paying them $20.00 per hour including benefits and super etc your labour cost is $200.00 per hour or $8000.00 per 40hr week. If you spent $30.00 per week on a rented CCTV system and gain 15% – 20% per week on lost employee productivity, that’s a gain of $1200.00 per week on 15%. Companies have informed us that the productivity increase has been upward to 30%!
  • Example 3. Fast-food or retail outlets are notorious for losing revenue in till theft, stock lost or theft through staff and customers stealing. Once such client had a small café in Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane which he himself did not attend too very often. He had 1 fulltime manager, a trusted friend and 4 part time, long serving staff. After convincing him to install a 2 camera solution against his wishes for $27.00 per week, in two weeks his till taking increased by $2000.00! This paid for his rented system for the next two years. CCTV systems in these cases more than pay for themselves. In fact the benefit don’t stop their, insurance premiums can be reduced, staff training improved, slip and fall claims reduced and false work cover claims significantly reduced. These are just some examples. There are hundreds more.

3. Security knowledge. What do you really know about the latest technology? Who do you know in the industry, has been doing what the longest? Is the largest company the best company to deal with? Larger overheads mean more cost to you the consumer for the same product. Do your homework on your vendor of choice.

4. Security Future Proofing. Will the vendor and the product allow you to expand your newly purchased system in the future without costing and arm and a leg? Is it a proprietary solution? If it is, will others be able to assist you when your supplier can’t or won’t help?

The spectrum is broad and the noise of manufacturers to loud for any real discernment to be made as to what is best for whom. But we here at Cen-Tel Secure (CTS) believe we have the answers. We only champion products we use ourselves and support only what we understand completely ourselves. Our suppliers back their products to the hilt and will direct with you the end user if required.