An intercom system allows people to communicate with each other through a push of a button.

The humble intercom system has come a long way in recent years and is no longer limited to the simple front door unit and control panel. Some benefits include:

  • Having a clear view who is at the door
  • Integration with automatic gate opening devices
  • The ability to monitor rooms
  • Playing music to create atmosphere

Intercom systems are available in a wide range starting from the simplest of gadgets to the more complex or intricate ones. Generally, they must be installed along with installing of doorbells (which, too, are these days, available in a wide range). Depending on your requirements and budget, you can install a wired intercom system or a wireless one (both of them are capable of fulfilling your requirements).

Kocom Intercoms

Kocom offers hands-free operation, ability to add a second camera (e.g. rear gate), and extra monitors\handsets with the ability to talk to family and friends in other rooms. Kocom intercoms feature clear imaging, on-screen displays, CCTV monitoring, one-touch door realease technology and complete multimedia interfaces.

Aiphone Intercoms

Aiphone has become one of the most respected and reliable brands of communication systems in the world exporting to over 60 countries. Aiphone solutions are designed to be used for a variety of facilities: commercial buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, and more. It can flexibly adapt to a variety of scales and conditions. As it is IP based, it makes centralised security management simple and easy.

Mobotix Intercoms

Mobotix, the world leader for high resolution video security systems has just entered into the intercom market. Mobotix intercoms feature a 180 degree panoramic view, embedded mailbox facility, on board storage, remote access via iPhone and keyless entry functionality.